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India drives down malaria rates, sets sights on elimination

April 2015 The hilly, wooded landscapes of India’s north and north-eastern states and the nomadic nature of many of its tribal groups contribute to the high number of malaria cases in that region of the country. Some 80% of the malaria cases reported in India occur in these states which are home to only 20% of the population. Internal conflicts… Read more →

World Immunization Week in Nepal: An anniversary of remembrance

April 2016 In April 2015 a major earthquake struck Nepal. A year later people in one village recall their struggles, in its aftermath, to keep their children safe through immunization. WHO Nepal/ K. Bhattari Near mid-day on 25 April 2015, Ratna Kumari Biswakarma, who lives in Bigu, in Nepal’s Dolakha district, was busy preparing lunch. Her 9-month-old daughter Sushmita was… Read more →

Preventing violence against children promotes better health

A stolen toy, a child’s lie, a harsh punishment – sometimes physical. Nine-year-old Simamnkele and his care-giver, Nombuyiselo, know the sequence well. “I never used to listen back then,” Simamnkele says. “I was very naughty.” Nombuyiselo, who had taken on the parenting role for the young South African child several years ago, adds: “This boy continued with his habits as… Read more →