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Which plans are available to me?

The subscription is available through school programs or individual membership.

What happens if I select individual membership?

Once the online form and payment is successfully submitted, our team will call you to schedule a home visit. During the home visit our team will collect the physical measurements and provide you with a welcome kit. You will be given an online account to login and access your child’s report anytime by logging in at www.svaast.com

What happens if I change school?

The subscription is transferable if your child changes school or moves to another city/ state/ country. Please contact us to know if your school is subscribed.

What if I discontinue the subscription?

The purpose of Svaast is to maintain the health record of your child until the age of 18 years. If for some reason you chose not to renew your annual subscription, you will lose your access to the reports. However we will keep your records on file, if you decide to subscribe again in future.

How frequently will my child receive the check-ups and reports?

Our team visit every school twice in a year. The reports are sent by mail after every physical check-up and available online at all times.

Why are we measuring against WHO standards?

WHO- World Health Organization is the biggest international organization working towards global health since 1948. SVASST uses WHO- global parameters to make sure your child receives best healthcare.

Why is SVAAST saving data electronically?

We believe in the future- our kids! and the future lies in digitizing healthcare. When your kids grow up, they will thank you for securely maintaining their health records for all these years.

Do I have access to my child’s record?

Yes at all times if you have subscribed. Simply login with your credentials at www.svaast.com

Does the price change annually?

Prices remain constant for every school every year. However if your child changes the school, the price might change.

Can other parents view my child’s record?

No. Only the parents and the current authorized school can view the data. It can never be edited/ changed by anyone other than SVAAST.

Can I enter or change my Childs record online?

No. Only SVAAST team can insert or change the data. Contact us directly from the online portal if there’s an error on file. We will be happy to assist you.

Can I pay semi-annually?

No. Unfortunately our subscriptions are designed for an annual fee only. But you can chose not to renew next year.