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Physical Growth Check-ups With W.H.O. Standards

Genetic Profiling To Analyze Gene History

24×7 Online Access To Health Profile

Digital Health Records For Lifetime

Home/ School Visits Twice A Year

Health Insurance of Rs. 1 Lac



What we measure and how does it help?

Svaast team visits your home or school and collects data of each child twice year for an annual subscription fee of Rs.999. The data is stored by Svaast and updated through re-visits. The reports can be accessed anytime online by logging into your child’s account. 

Our teams record the following WHO parameters for children between 2-18 years of age:

  • Height for age
  • Weight for age
  • BMI for age
  • Triceps skinfold
  • Subscapular skinfold
  • MUAC for age
  • Head circumference
  • Gene DNA profiling
We will send the reports by mail every time we visit and update your account. We also provide recommendations for doctors, specialists, pediatricians, nutrition stores, and organics stores in your area.

Physical Growth

Is your child’s physical growth and emotional development normal in comparison to the World Health Organization’s standards and children in his age group?

Deficiency Symptoms

Are there any hidden symptoms of respiratory, neuro-developmental, abdominal, cardiovascular, liver and kidney related disease?

Genetic Profiling 

Have you thought of conducting genetic DNA profiling to get insight into the genetic predisposition and a road map for wellness. We offer this service as part of our total health solution.

Health Insurance 

We offer health insurance for every enrolled child with a coverage of Rs.1 lac.

Nutrition Counselling

Are you giving your child adequate nutrition? Receive latest health related information.

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